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Document scanning, imaging and archiving

Paper document management archive & print

Welcome to The Genus Group - UK based specialists in imaging, document, archive and print management throughout the world. We advise on and provide solutions for document and image archiving/access for many sectors such as Libraries, Banks, Defence, Engineering, Financial, Government, Health, Nuclear and Pharmaceutical.

Genus is a solutions provider for the entire life-cycle of documents, books and microfilm, dealing with their creation, access, scanning, archiving, and retrieval.

Our document management and data storage services, archiving hardware and software, document imaging, microfilm and archive document retrieval systems are all detailed in this website.

Our business specialises in imaging equipment including the supply and maintenance of book scanners, document scanners, micrographic scanning and conversion equipment and a complete range of micrographic and scanner consumables. In addition, our life cycle document scanning advice services allows you to both convert paper and microfilm files to digital images and write digital files to microfilm and paper images for long term digital preservation.

We have seven main divisions dedicated to your document and image life cycle requirements:

The Microfilm Shop
Dealing with all aspects of microfiche and microfilm. Providing and servicing digital to microfilm and microfiche scanner equipment and consumables.
Imaging Technology
Specialist scanner solutions; providing and servicing book, microfilm and document scanners, with all of the appropriate software.
Graphic Press
Provides an in-house all in one solution to design and print requirements, from traditional lithographic print to state of the art full colour digital printing.
Large Format
Specialist suppliers of large format copying, scanning, plotting and printing solutions. Products include hardware, software, consumables and technical support.
Service Division
Offer service contracts, ad hoc call outs and warranty coverage on a large range of micrographic and document/book scanner equipment. Flexibility and responsiveness are the keys to our successful Service division. is the online web shop for the full range of Genus Document and Book scanners. Featuring the award winning Avision, InoTec, Book2net and SMA scanners.
Hyperwave Content Management Software
Enterprise Content Management, Workflow, Document and Records Management Software. New Genus division with dedicated integration team

Minolta SL-1000 Digital Film Scanner Discontinued
Konica Minolta announces to Konica Minolta DIS Dealer Partners that the SL-1000 Digital Film scanner will be discontinued effective February 1, 2014.

Click here to read bulletin.
Genus is Europe, Middle East and Africa region master distributor for full range of Fujifilm microfilms
New 300ppm high speed document scanner
InoTec SCAMAX 8x1

Please see the video of the new 300ppm production paper scanner

Click here for pre release brochure
Hyperwave Online
New SAAS version of Hyperwave launched by Genus
Touch Screen Public Use Scanning System
You Tube
Genus You Tube product video channel
Silver Microfilm
New Ozaphan Silver Microfilm range
Ozaphan UScan Microfilm and Fiche Scanner
DM 2011 Awards Winner and InoTec production scanners win awards
Either download the full Avision brochure, see the Avision section of our web site or buy Avision scanners online at
Book2net Spirit
A3 Book Scanner
InoTec 4x3
170ppm (340ipm) production document scanners

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