Archiving engineering drawings

Creation, retention and digitisation of engineering drawings on aperture card

The requirement for engineering design files, be that in digital or paper format, creates many challenges for the organisations that use them. These include:

Storage of paper copies is both costly in terms of space and production. Microfilm storage addresses these issues whilst allowing future digital access.

Most engineering companies or drawing offices will be familiar with the use of aperture cards as a document archiving method which supports the integrity and longevity of each file. These cards each hold a single high resolution image of a single drawing often containing detailed elements and are an ideal method for the long term secure retention of drawings.

Genus offers equipment to both create archival copies on microfilm aperture card and to scan these aperture cards to raster file. On-demand and batch-fed scanners are available, for low and high volume aperture card conversions.

Genus has a depth of experience in writing digital engineering drawings and CAD files directly to aperture cards and 35mm roll film. For advice on the best practices for archiving, archiving software, how to create a digital archive or new alternative solutions to engineering records management please speak to one of the Genus team who can assist you further.

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