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Record retention and archiving for banks

Systems for archiving and preservation of bank documents and records

Banks have vast amounts of historical legacy data on Computer Output Microfilm (COM) that is traditionally kept on microfiche. In addition many banks still retain cheque images on microfilm. Genus can offer the equipment and service to production scan these microfiche and microfilms into a digital format, enabling more efficient retrieval and distribution of the information.

In light of recent bank charges legislation, the information on these COM fiche and microfilms is mission critical. Genus can help banks manage this historical information through sale or rental of equipment or the provision of an on-site or off-site scanning service.

Banks also have a requirement to keep digital information indefinitely. Genus can help transfer this digitally born information to an analogue preservation medium that can last for centuries and is legally admissible in court.

Genus has a full range of microfilm and microfiche storage solutions, including cabinets and fire safes.