Book scanners and copiers

Book scanning, handling and copying solutions

Book digitisation and scanning is critical to the future of both archival book preservation and research access. With the ever increasing demand for digital access to all information, book scanning is the best way to protect ageing and fragile original media, as well as providing easily accessible digital versions.

Genus Imaging Technology provides a wide range of book, manuscript and bound volume scanners from A5 to A0 in size, in colour, black & white and grayscale. In addition, we have a number of innovative book handling cradles and walk-up public use scanners. The equipment embraces both traditional linear array scanners and one-shot sensor based technology.

Walk-up scanners
Designed from the outset in conjunction with leading libraries, Genus Imaging Technology supplies touch-screen walk up public access scanners for libraries and research institutions.

Book scanners
Designed with production requirements in mind, Genus Imaging Technology supplies a complete range A5 to A0.

Book cradling systems
Designed with the most fragile and demanding media in mind. Genus Imaging Technology supplies dedicated V-shaped, automated and conservation cradles.

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