MOD and military record retention

Microfilm to digital, digital to microfilm and broad range of document archiving systems

The defence, military and armaments industries have legal requirements to document and archive detailed information on weapons product development, military personnel, materiel user manuals and spare parts inventories. Defence industries encompass one of the widest ranges of documents from general business documents up to engineering drawings and plans. This information needs to be kept indefinitely and confidentially. In addition, this information needs to be accessible throughout the world instantly.

Genus has solutions for the defence industries to manage their document preservation and distribution difficulties through all five of our business divisions. Genus can provide equipment and solutions to move backwards and forwards between microfilm and digital versions of the same information to allow for instant access whilst preserving that information for centuries.

For digital preservation CAD (Computer Aided Design) files can be written directly from their original digital format to 500 year life 35mm microfilm and aperture cards. These microforms (either newly created or existing) can be scanned back into digital format using the state of the art on-demand and production microfilm scanners available from Genus.

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