Digital preservation

Preservation of electronic records

In recent years digital capture storage and preservation has been seen by many organisations as the ultimate method to manage their information and documents. Unfortunately, in the race to go digital many have not considered properly the important area of digital preservation.

Digital media is ideal for the distribution and sharing of information instantly. However, this very benefit causes untold problems and costs for the long term preservation of digital media. There are hundreds of examples of digital media being lost, incompatible, out of date and non- migratable.

New digital hardware, software and formats are created every year with little thought to backwards compatibility and longevity.

Genus Imaging Technology specialises in advising its clients on a hybrid approach to digital document management and preservation. Digital is the ideal medium for the ‘distribution’ of information and microfilm is ideal for the ‘preservation’ of information. Genus Imaging Technology combines the two formats to produce the ideal digital preservation system for your organisation.

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