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Document storage and archiving equipment in the UK

Digital archiving storage solutions

Genus Imaging Technology specialises in the field of archival document storage solutions and equipment.

Via book, document and microfilm scanning equipment and integrated software Genus Imaging Technology provides bespoke archival information solutions.

Offsite backup data storage, archival data storage and digital archiving is best practice archiving that will reduce operating costs, save employee time, reduce risk and increase security of valuable records. There are many document storage options in the UK, however Genus Imaging Technology have a depth of knowledge in the storage and preservation of delicate, important and sensitive documents whether they are digital, paper or on microfilm.

Genus Imaging Technology provides a complete range of the following document storage and archiving equipment:

  • Paper Scanners
  • Book Scanners
  • Microfilm, Aperture Card and Microfiche Scanners
  • Digital to Microfilm Writers
  • Archive Writers
  • Walk-up Book Scanners for public use library applications.
  • Cabinets for microfilm, aperture cards, microfiche, paper and plans.
  • Web hosted document management systems.
  • Full equipment service coverage.

Part of the following division:

We also specialise in:

  • Business continuity and data storage
  • Microfilm data offsite storage
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  • Digital storage solution for oil and gas data