Imaging Technology

Scanning Solutions Specialists - Book, Film, Documents & Software

Imaging Technology is the scanning solutions division of Genus. We supply best of breed specialist scanners and maintain hardware across all fields of book, microfilm and document imaging.


Book Scanners
Genus Imaging Technology provides a wide range of book, manuscript and bound volume scanners from A5 to A0 in size, in colour, black & white and grayscale. In addition, we have a number of innovative book handling cradles and walk-up public use scanners. The equipment embraces both traditional linear array scanners and one-shot sensor based technology.

Document Scanners
Genus Imaging Technology provides a range of production based document scanners for high volume document capture requirements.

Microfilm Scanners
From on-demand through to full automated production scanners, Genus Imaging Technology has a complete range of microfilm scanners for every application.

Digital to Microfilm Writers
Genus Imaging Technology supplies 16mm, 35mm and aperture card microfilm archive writers and plotters to allow your digital images to be preserved indefinitely.

Our hardware solutions can be integrated with our range of document management solutions from single user desktop document imaging systems to web based enterprise wide workflow solutions. Genus Imaging Technology has two main document management software solutions:

A complete and scaleable document software suite available at very economic prices from a one person user license all the way up to a full Enterprise solution for multinational organisations.

Our expert team serves as partners to organisations that need a more cost effective approach to managing large-scale critical document collections. Genus Imaging Technology has years of experience successfully designing and implementing paperless office solutions.

A ‘Software As A Solution’ (SAAS) product, offering unlimited secure browser based access to your files. This product can also be personalised to individual organisation’s requirements.


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