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Libraries and archives have to keep important historical information indefinitely whilst allowing the public access to that information. Normally these two aims are conflicting. However, Genus can provide solutions for all of your book, document, paper, microfilm and digital storage requirements.

Genus provides a wide range of book, manuscript and bound volume scanners from A5 to A0 in size, in colour, black & white and grayscale. In addition, we have a number of innovative book handling cradles and walk-up public use scanners. The equipment embraces both traditional linear array scanners and one-shot sensor based technology.

Many libraries and archives have vast collections of microfilm that can be scanned using our range of on-demand and production microfilm scanners. We can also convert your ever increasing digital collections directly to microfilm for long term preservation requirements.

Genus also provides a large range of microfilm consumables, storage cabinets, readers, reader printers and microfilm production equipment.

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