book2net Kiosk

Precise, Innovative, and Powerful Book Scanner

The book2net Kiosk is one of the most successful and versatile book scanners in the international market and convinces users by its high quality and ease of use as well as its high reliability and durability.

book2net public II continues this success story. Equipped with the latest Matrix Sensor Technology, high-quality optics, 22″ touch screen monitor, conservational book cradle, innovative, environment friendly LED illumination concept and modern-designed casing the book2net public II is setting new technological standards.

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book2net Kiosk

Book Cradle

Preservation approved conservational self-adjusting book cradle

Touch Screen

Control everything from your fingertips including zoom Control for quality analysis

Lightning Fast

With a scanning speed of 0.3 seconds and a processing time of 2.2 seconds


The Book2net Kiosk scanner is a revolutionary designed walk-up full colour book scanner designed for use in Library and Archive reading rooms. Intended to more than replace Library photocopiers the Kiosk has a whole host of features to make it easy to use by the public. Within a few seconds a novice user can walk away with a full colour scan of a page on a USB stick.

Control of the Kiosk is via a very simple user interface touch screen which can be displayed in seven languages. With only two clicks of the screen the user can have a completed scan or print. The touch screen also allows the user to zoom in to the image to ensure they have the correct image captured. The Book2net Kiosk runs virtually silently and has a choice of four cameras – 10.5, 32, 40 or 50MP.

The Kiosk allows Libraries and Archives to reduce costs of scanning books and increase revenues by:

  • Improved public services – allowing full colour digital copies instead of bitonal paper copies.
  • Expand the range of books and documents that can be scanned self service by the user up to A2 size.
  • Very low cost of total ownership.
  • Easy integration with automated payment systems where required.
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