Scannx Book ScanCentre

The affordable, easy-to-use, self service library book scanner that does it all

The library book scanner that renders copiers obsolete

With its user-friendly touchscreen interface; large, intuitive buttons; seamless document capture operations and multiple electronic delivery options, this library book scanner improves the library experience for both library staff and patrons.

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Scannx Book ScanCentre library book scanner

User Friendly

The intuitive user interface on the library book scanner enables even untrained operators to achieve a great scan

Designed for Public Use

Walk-up scanner which is ideally suited for libraries

Touch Screen

Control everything from your fingertips on the large 15″ touch screen display

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Accessibility & Disability Features

Scannx software comes with a number of accessibility features to help those with disabilities

Technology can help remove some of the many barriers met by people with disabilities. By using technology for tasks such as reading and writing documents, those with disabilities can handle a wider range of activities independently.

Visual Assistance Tools
For some people with visual impairments the standard size of letters on a screen or printed in documents are too small for them to read and some people cannot distinguish one colour from another.

The Scannx screen Magnifier can be used by partially sighted users to increase the size of the text on-screen.

High Contrast
High contrast settings will benefit users with low vision or other visual disabilities such as being unable to distinguish one colour from another.

Audio Narrator
Scannx software comes with audio narrator features that can be used to read the screen options and text to users.

Book Reader
Scannx software comes with optical character recognition which can read the scanned page using speech synthesis. This can then be stored electronically in an MP3 format and sent to your preferred storage medium, thus providing independent access to books and documents for those who are visually impaired.

Book ScanCentre

  • Touch Screen PC
  • Avision Book-edge scanner
  • Scannalytics®*

Document ScanCentre

  • Touch Screen PC
  • Avision ADF Scanner
  • Scannalytics®*

ScanCentre Flexi

  • Touch Screen PC
  • Avision Book-edge Scanner
  • Scannalytics®*

Less paper, less waste
With the Scannx library book scanner, digital searchable copies can be referenced repeatedly and shared with others without the need to make multiple scans or replace lost documents.

Extend book life span
The library book scanner allows books to lay flat on each page during the scanning process, eliminating the blackened areas of text from page curvature at the book spine and producing clearly readable text across the entire page. This protects books from damage to the spine, thereby reducing repair and replacement costs.

A Library Book Scanner With Incredible accuracy
The Scannx Book ScanCentre is integrated with the ABBYY FineReader Engine for unmatched optical character recognition accuracy. The FineReader technology takes the scanned images of books or documents and makes them machine-readable in several common formats, including PDF and Word.

Multi-language compatibility
ABBYY’s multilingual document recognition engine automatically detects English, French, Italian, German and Spanish languages.

Supported billing systems and vendors
The Scannx Book ScanCentre supports Jamex coin and debit card systems, as well as major credit cards. The library book scanner also works with several of the leading print management vendor systems such as EMOS, Pharos, Envisionware and P-Counter.

Add-on features
The Scannx Book ScanCentre may be configured to support an integrated automatic document feeder. The library book scanner also offers an optional three-track magnetic card reader to identify and authenticate authorised users.

Library Book Scanner Features

  • Energy saving, patented Book-Edge design captures full pages of text without text distortion
  • Book Pages up to 11” x 17” lie flat on glass protecting the spine of the book
  • Powered by ABBYY FineReader Technology for unmatched Optical Character Recognition accuracy
  • Easy-to-use Book ScanCentre software, available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Russian, guides user through the scanning process
  • Easy-to-see software switchable to high contrast ratio for visually impaired
  • Converts scanned images into PDF, searchable PDF, Word, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG file formats automatically
  • Send scanned files to: Smart Phone/Tablet, Fax, USB drive, Google Drive, network folders, printer, or email
  • Supports selected Jamex payment systems
  • Go Green, Save Green! Over 65 million pages scanned on Scannx systems, only 3% went to print

Scannalytics gives you the insight to improve your library’s operations. With real-time reporting and tangible metrics, this library book scanner analytics system gives you clear insight into your library’s workflow. See where your operational strengths are, as well as where to enhance document management efficiency.

*The Scannalytics service is included with the purchase of your Assurance coverage.

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