Large Format Scanners

We are the UK sole distributor for both SMA flatbed large format scanners, Rowe large format sheet fed scanners.

Our range of large format scanners are capable of scanning maps, engineering drawings, transparencies, blue prints, surveys, paintings, newspapers and more. Plus the SMA Range is even capable of digitising structured surfaces such as wood, rubber, plastic and fabrics which can all be captured at a resolution of up to 1200dpi.

In addition to our large format scanners we also offer a state of the art large format scanning service.

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Specialist in high resolution and large format scanners.

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Rowe Large Format Scanners


Unique sheet fed large format scanners.

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High quality large format scanners for the cultural heritage and for the reproduction industry.

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Need Some Help?

Here at Genus we understand that finding the right large format scanner can be a difficult process. To help you find the perfect fit just fill out the form below with as much detail as possible and we will get back to you with the most suitable option.

Unsure about which large format scanner you need? Let us help you out.