Scannx ScanCentre Flexi

Affordability, versatility, durability and power

The Scannx Book ScanCentre Flexi is comprised of the Avision book-edge scanner; Scannx’ award-winning ScanCentre software; and Scannx Cloud Services®. It connects via USB to any Windows 8.1 or 10 PC. The software interface is flexible enough to work with any size touchscreen monitor or standard monitor.

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    Scannx ScanCentre Flexi

    User Friendly

    The intuitive user interface enables even untrained operators to achieve a great scan

    Designed for Public Use

    Walk-up scanner which is ideally suited for libraries

    Touch Screen

    Control everything from your fingertips on the large 15″ touch screen display

    Accessibility & Disability Features

    Scannx software comes with a number of accessibility features to help those with disabilities

    Technology can help remove some of the many barriers met by people with disabilities. By using technology for tasks such as reading and writing documents, those with disabilities can handle a wider range of activities independently.

    Visual Assistance tools
    For some people with visual impairments the standard size of letters on the screen, or printed in documents are too small for them to read and some people cannot distinguish one colour from another.

    The Scannx screen Magnifier can be used by partially sighted users to increase the size of the text on-screen.

    High contrast
    High contrast settings will benefit users with low vision or other visual disabilities such as being unable to distinguish one colour from another.

    Audio Narrator
    Scannx software comes with audio narrator features that can be used to read the screen options and text to users.

    Book Reader
    Scannx software comes with optical character recognition which can read the scanned page using speech synthesis. This can then be stored electronically in an MP3 format and sent to your preferred storage medium, thus providing independent access to books and documents for those who are visually impaired.

    Book ScanCentre

    • Touch Screen PC
    • Avision Book-edge scanner
    • Scannalytics®*

    Document ScanCentre

    • Touch Screen PC
    • Avision ADF Scanner
    • Scannalytics®*

    ScanCentre Flexi

    • Touch Screen PC
    • Avision Book-edge Scanner
    • Scannalytics®*

    The Scannx Book ScanCentre (BSC) Flexi is the industry’s most affordable, easy-to-use, large format book scanning solution for library patrons and staff. Designed with large friendly buttons, the Scannx BSC Flexi software guides the user through the scan process including choosing the file formats, scan quality, colour depth, file naming, and scan-to destinations. Scan books and documents into PDF, searchable PDF, Word, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG file formats by simply touching the screen for the preferred file format. Searchable PDF files allow you to search for any word in the PDF file or copy text out.

    Send scanned files to a Smart Phone, Tablet, USB Flash drive, email as an attachment, Google Drive, network folders, and printers. Optional add-on connectors include scanning to Article Exchange and ILLiad. The BSC Flexi’s patented scanner design protects the spine of the book from damage, thus extending the book’s life. The book page lies flat on the glass, thus capturing the full image of the page without distortion. The Scannx BSC Flexi can automatically auto-crop, auto-straighten and auto-orient each page scanned.

    Scannalytics tracks usage statistics, enables features remotely and pushes updates. IT and Accounting departments use these reports to manage and optimise asset utilisation and department chargeback fees. The service is included with the purchase of your ScannXtra Care Software Assurance coverage.

    *The Scannalytics service is included with the purchase of your Assurance coverage.


    • Connects to any Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 PC with standard or touchscreen monitor
    • Energy saving, patented book-edge design captures full pages of text without text distortion
    • Book pages up to 11” x 17” lie flat on glass protecting the spine of the book
    • Powered by ABBYY FineReader Technology for unmatched Optical Character Recognition accuracy
    • Easy-To-Use software available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian
    • Easy-To-See software switchable to high contrast ratio for visually impaired
    • Converts scanned images into PDF, searchable PDF, Word, JPEG, TIFF, or PNG file formats automatically
    • Send scanned files to: Smart Phone/Tablet, Fax, USB drive, Google Drive, network folders, printer, email, and more
    • Go Green, Save Green! Over 65 million pages scanned on Scannx systems, less than 3% went to print
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