Mekel Technology

Since introducing the first microfilm scanner to the world in 1989, Mekel Technology has offered the most advanced roll film, microfiche and aperture card scanning systems on the market today.


Mekel MACH Mini Roll

The Crowley MACH Mini is delivered with the smallest footprint in its scanner class at 17′ x 16′ x 7.5′ and weighs under 30 pounds.


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Mekel MACH Mini Fiche

The MACH Mini Fiche offers collection owners a compact, manual load solution to digitise all formats of microfiche and aperture cards in excellent quality.


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Crowley UScan+ Advanced

The UScan+ Advanced, the latest iteration in the series, incorporates a new 20 MP high resolution camera, advanced electronics and software advancements to facilitate better image quality, speed and scan capabilities.


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Mekel MACH 10

For archivists, records managers and service bureaus there is no greater measure of digitization success than accuracy to the original media.


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Mekel MACH 7

Designed to accommodate various microfiche, aperture card and jacket formats, the MACH7 scanner creates superior image quality at high speeds from even the most difficult film.


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Aperture Cards

Crowley C400 Advanced Aperture Card Scanner

The next generation C400 Advanced aperture card scanner improves upon previous models through a new camera system, larger input hopper and improved internal mechanics to digitize all formats of 35 mm microfilm aperture cards and punch Hollerith data.


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