As more organisations digitise and scan their data and collections, there is an increasing need to ensure that the resulting assets are well-managed.

Genus is an authorised reseller for Capture Ltd, live-docs and Hyperwave Digital Asset Management Software, allowing us to offer a variety of great digital asset management solutions whatever your requirements.

  • Media Manager
  • Metadata Tools
  • QC Tools
  • Digital Content Editor
  • Websites
  • Finance Systems
  • Asset Distributor
  • Patent & Rights Management
  • Licensing
  • Royalties
  • CRM
  • Document Management


Goobi is an open-source software application for digitisation projects. It allows you to model, manage and supervise freely definable production processes and is used daily by many institutions to handle all the steps involved in creating a digital library.

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Build your identity, enrich your collections, capture and manage new content, as well as discuss new ideas from anywhere in the world with this online community engagement

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Capture provides a centrally served web based system for all your digital assets whether they are photos, documents, video, audio, design, logos or presentations through robust, secure and future-proof technology.

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Live Docs

live-docs is an innovative and flexible tool that supports an organisation’s digital archiving and management of documents, regardless of its business profile.

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Multidotscan is an intuitive new book scanning software to the UK market that allows digital cameras from Canon to be used like a book scanner.

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IMAGEhost offers users flexibility in image retrieval by offering immediate access to images in their original form across single or multiple rolls of microfilm.

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Zeutschel OS QM-Tool

The software for better image quality.

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Affordable, public use, book scanner and document scanner solutions.

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