Archives & archiving

Archival imaging and storage solutions

Archives refer to commercially stored records and information as well as enduring cultural, historical long-term or permanent records. Be it in the commercial or public domain, archives have a duty to ensure the long term preservation of and access to information whether it is stored digitally or in analogue format.

Genus Imaging Technology is the partner of choice to support archives with expertise in imaging technology. Genus Imaging Technology provides benefits in the following fields:

Online access
Improve information access by keeping data online and readily accessible and reusable.

Unchanged data archiving
Speed backup and recovery processes by archiving unchanged data.

Process automation
Save time and money and enable rapid information retrieval with automated archiving processes.

Regulatory compliance
Preserve important documents, e-mails, and other critical data according to internal rules and external regulations.

Storage efficiency
Reclaim terabytes of storage capacity by migrating older or infrequently accessed data from primary systems to more cost-effective archival storage.

Genus Imaging Technology provides a full range of archive and archiving equipment and services including:

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