SMA 16 / 35 / 51 / 57 / 105 Archive Writers

SMA 16 Archive Writer

The new SMA 16 Archive Writer is a light and mobile desktop unit. Unlike its competitors is the SMA 16 Plus Archive Writer capable of producing greyscale film. Further the SMA 16 Plus Archive Writer utilizes standard camera microfilm – another major advantage compared to the need of buying proprietary film as in other products.

The SMA 16 Plus Archive Writer is a 16 mm only Archive Writer and cannot be upgraded to 35 mm.

SMA 35 Archive Writer

The SMA 35 Plus Archive Writer is an interesting product for users that for the moment only need to archive on 35 mm microfilm but might have a requirement for output on 16 mm microfilm somewhere in the future. The SMA 35 Plus Archive Writer is identical to the SMA 51 Archive Writer with the limitation of only being able to archive on 35 mm microfilm. However, it is possible to add the 16 mm option at any later point in time.

SMA 51 Archive Writer

The SMA 51 Archive Writer is the No. 1 Archive Writer in the market. With hundreds of installations around the globe the SMA 51 Archive Writer has made a name for itself.

The SMA 51 Archive Writer can output on 16 and 35 mm film utilising standard microfilm.

SMA 57 Dreamwriter

SMA proudly presents the first Archive Writer in the world that can produce 16 and 35 mm roll film as well as microfiche. This is the first product of its kind which offers the best possible flexibility. The base unit is equipped with a 16 and 35 mm camera head like the SMA 51 Archive Writer. Producing microfiche like the SMA 105 Archive Writer is an option that can be added – also at a later point in time.

SMA 105 Archive Writer

The SMA 105 is the only microfilm Archive Writer in the market that produces microfiche. It comes with an onboard processor which develops the microfiche right after the exposure process. This enables the user to look at the processed microfiche only minutes after the conversion process. There is no other Archive Writer like this in the market!

If you are interested in a direct Scan-to-Fiche Archive Writer where the digital information remains untouchable as the scan is being deleted right after it was produced please contact us and ask for the SMA 105 S.

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