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Wicks and Wilson’s wide range of microfilm scanners are recognised for providing the ultimate in high speed conversion of microform to digital data. Microfilm scanning solutions are available for all formats: roll film, microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, photo negatives and other micro media.

Wicks and Wilson UScan+ digital microfilm reader

Wicks and Wilson UScan+

Easy to use public use microfilm scanner offers auto-scan and colour digitisation. The ultra-portable UScan+ unit embodies the best technology from high-end production microfilm/microfiche scanners and fits easily on a standard desktop. The UScan+ converts all microfilm formats.

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Wicks and Wilson UScan HD microfilm scanner

Wicks and Wilson UScan+ HD

Building on the unprecedented success of the original UScan Universal Film scanner and incorporating more than 30 years of production-level manufacturing, Crowley and Wicks and Wilson introduce the new UScan+ HD. This includes all the features of the original UScan+ a new 18MP active pixel sensor array.

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Wicks and Wilson 7750 microfiche scanner

Wicks and Wilson 7720 / 7750

Wicks and Wilson 7700-Series microfiche Scanstations provide automatic batch conversion for all types of microfiche including jackets, COM, step-and-repeat and aperture cards. Various models are available with performance and productivity features to suit different applications.

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Wicks and Wilson 8800 microfilm scanner

Wicks and Wilson 8820 / 8850

Wicks and Wilson manufactures a complete range of Scanstation roll film microfilm scanners capable of automatic batch conversion of both 16mm and 35mm roll film. Models are available with performance and productivity features to suit different applications.

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Wicks and Wilson C400 Aperture Card Scanner

Wicks and Wilson C-Series Aperture Card Scanners

The C-Series is a range of compact scanners for the digitisation of 35mm microfilm aperture cards. Once scanned, the data can be accessed instantly for viewing, printing, email, distribution or storage.

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