Set up your Goobi in less than 5 minutes

Goobi is an open-source software application for digitisation projects. It allows you to model, manage and supervise freely definable production processes and is used daily by many institutions to handle all the steps involved in creating a digital library.

Once you have taken the decision to use Goobi, this brief guide will show you how to get the application up and running in just a few minutes.

Simply load the virtual machine onto your system, launch it, and you are ready to start. If you have any questions, either now or later on, take a look at the documentation or contact us.

Your Goobi to go installation uses the tools Vagrant and VirtualBox. These generate the virtual machine into which all of the components and software packages you need, are installed, in order to operate Goobi. First of all, Vagrant and VirtualBox need to be installed on the target system. Both are available for a range of operating systems.

Please note that Vagrant is currently only working correctly on a Windows operating system in Version 1.9.2. Please use the following link for a Windows installation. Vagrant install.

To start running your own Goobi to go just follow the steps outlined below.

Using Goobi in a productive environment with large-scale projects

This version of Goobi to go is also suitable for productive operation within your digitisation projects. However, if you are planning a large-scale project, it may be more effective to install Goobi on a standalone server and integrate an authentication system such as LDAP or Active Directory. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Need help with Goobi?

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    Step 1: Download the Goobi package

    First download the Goobi package as zip file. You can find it at the following address:

    After downloading the zip file please unzip it so that you get access to the folder g2g.

    Step 2: Start Goobi

    Inside of the extracted folder g2g you can find the file GoobiToGo.jar. Please simply double click at this file to start Goobi to go.

    Alternative start using the command line:

    In case you prefer to start Goobi to go from the command line please simply call the following command from inside the unzipped folder: java -jar GoobiToGo.jar

    Step 3: Login in Goobi

    Once your Goobi server was started up successfully you will find a small Goobi icon inside of the menu (in Mac OS and on Linux) or inside of the systray (Windows). Just click with the right mouse button at this icon to open either Goobi workflow or the Goobi viewer.

    As alternative you can open these applications by using the following data inside of your web browser.

    Goobi workflow:

    URL: http://localhost:8888/goobi/
    Login: goobi
    Password: goobi

    Goobi viewer:

    URL: http://localhost:8888/viewer/
    Password: goobi
    By using the menu at the Goobi icon you can shutdown the Goobi server anytime again. Click again with the right mouse button to stop Goobi from there.

    Commercial usage of Goobi to go

    Please note that Goobi to go may only be used for non-commercial purposes. You must obtain written consent from intranda GmbH before using the automatic installer (and the components included by intranda in the installation) either for commercial purposes or with commercial support. If you wish to do so, please contact us at any time using our contact form.

    Is Goobi right for you? Let us help you out.