Kodak i9600 Series

The Document Archive Writer rapidly converts digital documents to an analogue format and media for low-cost, long-term storage and access

The Archive Writer and supporting software accepts document images from many digital imaging systems in Tagged Image Film Format (TIFF).

Users can organise them according to their requirements and write the images to film. Users can operate in a “scan-to-film” mode for immediate creation of film images or purge inactive information from expensive on-line and near-line storage with full assurance that they will be able to retrieve and view it long into the future.

There are two models in the i9600 series – the i9610 which can convert electronic images to microfilm at 85ipm at 24x reduction and 200ipm at 40x reduction AND the i9620 which can convert electronic images to microfilm at 170ipm at 24x reduction and 400ipm at 40x reduction. This gives a storage capacity of 7225 images per roll on the i9610 and 17000 images per roll on the i9620.

Digital to microfilm converter
This product has now been discontinued. Please contact us to discuss the best alternative.