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Recollect is an online platform dedicated to the protection of cultural heritage and special collections. It is a powerful tool that can provide organisations with digital access, discovery, engagement, management, and preservation of their collections.

In the current global climate, providing online access to your collections is essential to retain community support and engagement. Moving your collections online allows you to continue establishing those important connections even when your physical premises are closed.

Stories and histories can be shared more easily with Recollect, and online communities can be built to grow and distribute this important knowledge. A Recollect site allows you to capture and manage content, enrich your collections, and discuss new ideas from anywhere in the world.

Set off on your Recollect Journey today to offer your communities instant access to your digital collections with our online (touchless) site implementation service.

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Quickly reconnect with your community online by getting started with myRecollect, thanks to its easy setup process. Community engagement can be established immediately as it provides instant access to your digital collections.

Make it Unique

A Professional subscription takes into account the unique information and connections every collection contains. We flexibly configure your site to meet individual needs through a series of discovery workshops that are designed to enhance access, discovery, and engagement of your collections.

Take Control

An Enterprise subscription gives you full control over your site. Just as with a Professional subscription, you will undergo discovery workshops for an enhanced site configuration, you also receive extensive Recollect Administrator training. Enterprise allows you to own and manage your site’s administration, as well as apply additional configurations and add-on modules. It offers endless possibilities.

Genus can help you begin your Recollect Journey as the United Kingdom reseller for Recollect. Our teams will be here to support and guide you through this journey, and we are dedicated to implementing a site that meets the unique needs of your collection and community.

Recollect allows you to create an online presence that will empower your communities to share information, make new contributions, and engage with the past.

Embark on your journey today by telling us about your collections and communities.

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